Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Me? Housewife? Really?

Ten years ago, I never dreamed about being a stay-at-home wife or mom.  Graduate school was my priority and I was going full speed ahead.  However, my heart slowly began to change.  When my husband graduated from medical school and we learned that a baby girl would soon join our family, we made the decision that I would stay home.  Ironically, I was a horrible cook, my plants always died, I struggled with laundry, and I also managed to lose all creative ideas somewhere during my intense nine years of college.  I am far from "Housewife of the Century," but have completed a year-long adventure of being a better domestic engineer.  Each blog post will present the challenges I encounter while taking on this journey.  Dear readers, I hope to teach you a few things about surviving, thriving, and laughing while spending your day at home.

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